Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A little update

With just a couple of weeks left to work before I become a full time artist I am now beginning to photograph some new still life setups that will become paintings for sale at the Tallantyre Gallery in Northumberland. I am lucky to have an outlet for my paintings as I have sold works there in the past. Hopefully my new paintings should be completed and on the blog within the next month and I am going to try a couple of subjects I havent painted before but dont want to give to much away until they are finished.


  1. Hi Nick,
    Really looking forward to seeing more of your fine work! Your wife sounds like a wonderful asset, that kind of support is paramount for a painter. Best thing I can think to say is to find a routine that works for you, six hours a day with a break in between is mine.
    Best wishes, Rod

  2. Hello R.G. thank you for visiting my blog. you are dead right in what you say about having a supportive partner. Yeah I have quite a strict routine, 8 til midday, 1 til 5 and if im feeling really inspired a couple of hours after tea. The great thing about being an artist is that your time is totally flexible. Nick