Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Phew its finished

The painting 'Fizzywigs finest' below has been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride of feelings. The initial excitement of setting up the composition and drawing it up, the start of painting full of enthusiasm through to 'oh my god I cant stand looking at this anymore' to finally realising I was on the home straight and completing it today. Funnily most paintings follow this pattern as my head fills with ideas for upcoming paintings and I now know I must deal with this throughout every painting.
The title for the painting came about whilst in Brighton on a holiday weekend with my wife and parents. On the last morning myself and my dad stumbled across a sweetshop in the 'lanes' of Brighton named Fizzywigs. It was early and just before opening time but the owner kindly let us in to peruse the awesome selection of all things sweet and this was where I brought most of the props for the painting.
Now on to start another one....

'Fizzywigs finest' 2010