Thursday, 12 May 2011

'In a right jam' 2011


  1. Great painting Nick. I really like the three- dimensional effect and the blob of jam on the wall, which acts like a piece of masking tape or any other fix object that is so common in a Trompe l'oeil painting. Where this painting goes beyond Trompe l'oeil is with your the vibrant choice of colors/glass/ metal combination which is more hyperealism. Typical Trompe Oeil have more muted colors, painted surfaces and subject matter that as a more vintage feel.

    Introducting ''Contemporary Trompe l'oeil''......Brilliant!!

  2. Thanks so much Alvin, your insight means alot and I hadn't really considered this painting as a mix of the two styles but after your thoughts I can totally see it! I look forward to your next painting!